The Podcast

We started podcasting on 14 July 2008

You can find it on iTunes under tieemup

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In the meantime if you want to email me you can at daveteu(at)btinternet(dot)com - you know how to change it to a proper email address don't you?

Only the last five are on iTunes.


We are starting a project to cover as many letters of the Alphabet as possible so we have a theme on each podcast.

Below are the current suggestions - can you fill in the blanks or come up with better suggestions?

Letter Theme Podcast No Podcast Date
A Age Play    
B Breath Control    
C Chastity/CBT    
D Duct Tape    
E Electro    
F FetishBound & Other Clubs    
G Gags    
H Hogties    
I Impact Play    
J Japanese and Other Rope Work    
K Kidnapping    
L Leather (lifestyle/clothing/family)    
M Mummification    
N Nipple Play    
O Ownership (M/s)    
P Pup Play    
Q Quiet    
R Rubber    
S StraitJackets & SleepSacks    
T Toy Bag    
U Uniforms    
V Verbal    
W Wax and Heat/Cold Play    
X Cross!    
Y Y? Y Not?    
Z Zentai and other Lycra    

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